What is a virtual phone number

A Virtual Phone Number or DID (which stands for Direct Inwards Dialling), is a phone number from over 160 countries that rings on your nominated phone.

The virtual number is tied to an account on the ControlYourComms.com system and is the gateway to taking back control of your communications.

The control of your global communications is in the palm of your hand

Potential Uses

  1. To give to your child when they go to college in a different state or country
  2. To provide a "local" number for your customers and suppliers
  3. To providing a "local" number for your family whether they are interstate or overseas
  4. To keep your own number private
    1. when selling or buying products on Craigslist, eBay or online stores
    2. when registering for services
    3. in dating situations
  5. To help expand your business and business team

How does it work is pretty simple to explain

As a user you simply sign up for an account <here>. You will be stepped through the process, which includes setting up your account (note we only need your real email address in the account creation, in which to send you your credentials), selecting the country where you would like the phone number, key in the number that you would like the number to ring at, accept the terms and conditions and pay, and generally within 10 minutes for most destinations, your number will be active.

You then choose which plan you would like (for a description of the plans CLICK HERE), whether you want any add on services, and then your billing information.

Once you have your account you can freely give out your new virtual number and it will ring on your designated phone.

You are able to manage your phone number from inside your Dashboard, where it is possible to view your calls, BLOCK calls from unwanted callers, and change where your number rings. You are also able to purchase additional numbers and products such as voice mail.

For discounts on all of the services offered, prepay your bundle in our shop.

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Start taking back control of your comms

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