What is TOR?

By now we have all probably heard about TOR or as some call it the "Dark Web", but not many of us know what it actually is, what it can be used for, and how to access it.

There are many legitimate reasons to use TOR and the many benefits that it brings. Remember it was designed by the US Navy, so is it really only for nefarious purposes.

Whats this video about?

So what can I expect from the video. Well as an introduction it will take you through what TOR is, the principles behind it, how it works and some of the tools you need to use TOR


What did we learn from this video.

Here is a summary of the key points with the location bookmarked for your easy reference. Simply click the link and you will go to that part of the video.

History of TOR - designed by US Navy

What Hidden Services are - to host websites on the Dark Web

How TOR works - a mesh of proxy server

Diagram of how TOR works

The TOR route is only up for 10 minutes before the connection route collapses and a new one is established.

Hidden Services - .onion sites are sites that are hosted inside the TOR network

What does TOR look like and where do I get it - torproject.org

Don't install plugins - plugins can compromise your location

Tails - an operating system that is live and can be booted from a USB

Running the TOR Browser - What the url and sites look like on the Dark Web

Video summary - a summary of some of the issues using TOR or compromises you make for anonymity and security

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