We hear a lot about the Dark Web or Dark Net and how it is a dark and evil place populated by drug dealers, pedophiles, hit men and arms dealers. Alex Winter researched and created a documentary  The Deep Web. This Ted talk is about that journey

But what is it really? Why is it there and are there legitimate reasons for it?

This Tedx Talk by Alex Winter, Bill from Bill and Ted's movie franchise takes a personal look at why privacy is important and the Dark Web is a tool or enabler.


Here are links to key moments in the Talk.

What was the anonymous community like in the early days

What was the Evolution of online communities

What is the hidden internet and what does it mean -

Crime is not the prime reason for the Dark Net
Set up by the government but is used by journalists, whistle-blowers and privacy advocates

The Dark Net - terrible place to do business

Why is there Media hysteria about the Dark Net

Bitcoin -

A history Silk Road -
- economic experiment
- technology watershed
- attracted thousands of users and law enforcement

Ross Ulbricht sentence

Who was interviewed for the documentary

What has this got to do with me
We have already been hacked through
- Govt surveillance, black hat hackers, ISP, telephone companies, tech companies,
- Siri, Google Maps - NOT spyware

Why should we care. There is the standard missive "Nothing to hide nothing to fear". How true is that statement? Does it stand up to scrutiny?

Privacy is important - and is something that is ours to protect not to beg for.

Less privacy equals greater security is a false premise

Back doors create more problems

Law Enforcement need tools but the rules for the physical world should apply to the digital world, at least in our mindset

How do we achieve this


Tools today are easier to use

Privacy is not a privilege its a right

I need to do something about this

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