We have become dependent on our smartphones while at the same time the devices and apps themselves have become more sophisticated.

There are many hidden functions in today's smartphones that "leak" our personnel information. Whether this is using the GPS to track our location and push ads to us, or monitoring our keyboard input (to improve the user experience).

A lot of this can be managed and controlled by setting up your phone "correctly" and being aware of your activity.


What can I do

This video takes you through your Android phone and highlight some of the settings you should consider changing.


To summarise this video. these are the things that have been identified to consider changing or at least be aware of.

  1. Stop Google Advertising to you
  2. Power button instant locking screen
  3. OK Google trusted voice detection
  4. SIM card lock setting
  5. Track your phone if its lost or stolen
  6. Hide sensitive information from lock screen
  7. NFC for sharing data on your phone
  8. Data usage monitoring
  9. Animation settings to make the phone quicker
  10. Autocorrect settings
  11. Chrome settings to compress data before it sends to your phone
  12. Chrome Home enablement
  13. Scroll Anchoring to stop your browser jumping when it loads pages

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