Generally the calls made using are not secure, however if security is a concern we DO have a solution for you.

By using our CYC-SECURE for iOS and Android,, all calls that can be made securely are done so automatically.

The CYC-SECURE software offers the highest commercially available encryption software. From a technical position the CYC-SECURE offers  AES-256 encryption, 80-bit HMAC-SHA1, Elliptic Curve DH P-384 classified NSA Suite B “TOP-SECRET” security level.

The best way to ensure that the calls are secure is for both parties to be using the CYC-SECURE software, that the connection is made via wifi, and that you access the internet and route your traffic through a VPN.

Calls made using the CYC-SECURE software create unique encryption keys for each call, and passes a pass phrase to the called party. By verbally confirming the PassPhrase, the users are assured that no Man in The Middle (MiTM) attack has occurred.

Click HERE to see a presentation of how Secure calls connect.