The service is setup to forward virtual numbers to your phone. However you are not only able to make calls normally, you are also able to make secure, encrypted call using the CYC-SECURE for iOS and Android software.
If you have a smartphone you can download the free app from the phone’s app store by clicking the link in the footer.

Once the app is downloaded, select it and you will be asked for a CLOUD ID. This is CYC-ZRTP/(your account number). 

The password is what was sent to you in your welcome email, along with your account number.

Select NEXT and the app will connect to our servers and download your configuration.

You may be asked for your account code again in which case just type it in, the password will be repopulated from the previous screen.

You will be asked to accept our Terms and Conditions and once this is done your app will be live and active. If you purchased a virtual phone number this will now ring in the application.

You can also use the CYC-Phone-1a hooked up to your internet connection and then use a normal handset to make calls.

You can make calls using one of our call through numbers or call back numbers which you can find here.

Note that calls are charged on a per minute based on destination. To find out how much you will save you can check the cost to call your destination.

Generous international subscription plans are available to reduce your costs. Here is a list of included countries in the international subscription bolt-on.