By default your number will forward to the destination that you selected when you signed up for the service.

If you need to change the destination or set some rules when calls will be forwarded then:

Simply log into your account.

  1. Select Call Management
  2. Select Call forwarding rules
  3. Select your account id number
  4. Select ADD new Item (+) if this is a new destination or
  5. Select the edit button next to the number if it is a modification
  6. Choose whether the destination is a Landline, Mobile or SIP and then enter the destination number
  7. The destination number should be the full e164 number which means country code, area code, destination
  8. Set the amount of time you would like the destination to ring
  9. You can have multiple destinations ring simultaneously or in order
  10. Select the save icon

Your virtual number will now forward to the new destination.

Your standard subscription includes 500 minutes of calls to the United States. If you wish to forward your number outside the United States, you will either need to have credit in your account to pay for the calls (prices per destination found here), or you should subscribe to our International Bolt-on, offering 500 minutes to a large number of destinations.