From here you can Top-up your Live Balance, make Speed Dial calls from your Phonebook, make Callback Reminder notes and monitor Active Calls, Extensions and your own live Balance. System Administrators can add additional widgets as well as move, edit or remove existing widgets on display.

Call Data Records

From here you can Search for and View records of your calls and transactions. You can Search Records by date and either download or display the results. You can see at a glance both a Summary of, and the recent Detail of your Voice Calls and Call Charges plus any Credits or Adjustments that have been made.

Company Profile

This is where you can Add and Edit your Company Profile including your Email Address and and Postal Address. In Login Credentials you can view your User  Name change your Password.  In Contact Information you can set how you would like to see your greeting and name displayed in Active SofrSwitch.

Call Management

You have many ways of managing settings for your inbound calls. By default, all inbound calls go through three default states in following order: Ring, Forward, and send to Voicemail. You can further manage your inbound calls by setting up additional Call Forwarding and Call Processing rules HERE.

Account Management

An Account ID is used to clearly identify each element of the service. For example, each external line, extension or fax number, will have its own Account ID. Here you can manage Individual Accounts. For example you can Edit or configurre the Calling Line Identity (helpful when configuring 999 Services), Extensions, SiP Accounts including Nicknames and Passwords and Huntgroups. You can also Edit and switch on or off your Voicemail and Voice Recording settings.

Number Management

Managing your Telephone Numbers from here enables you to dictate up what happens to a call TO a SPECIFIC telephone number of yours. For example “…send all calls received on our Support Desk number, to the Support desk Huntgroup” can be set upHERE.