Can I access my voice mail from my phone

Yes you can. There are two ways to do this. The easiest way is to use the smartphone app and then select *98. This will connect you to the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system where you are able to manage all of the functions. The second way is to dial an access number. When the call is answered you will be either identified automatically from your phone number or you will be asked to key in your account details. Once you are authenticated simply dial *98 and again you will be in the IVR system.

How do I receive calls

Calls are automatically forwarded to the number that you have set up. You can change this number in your account settings If you have loaded the software into your phone you could receive calls directly into the application. If you have the CYC-Phone-1A then calls will be forwarded to this device. NOTE: You can have the calls forwarded to multiple devices simultaneously if you so desire.

What is a DID

A DID or Direct Inwards Dialled is a virtual phone number that was typically used in businesses as a bank of consecutive numbers, so that you could reach individuals. However with the advent of Voice over IP, the push for “virtual services” and the increase in network bandwidth, virtual phone numbers can now be routed to anywhere in the world to a single or multiple devices. This means that subject to the local requirements, you can have a telephone number from over 500 localities distributed over more than 60 countries, forward directly to your mobile or designated number.

Do you have discounts

Our pricing structure has been set up to grow with your needs. We offer a generous amount of minutes that can be used to call either internationally or domestically in the US, and offer bundles to help save money. Further if you pre-purchase vouchers from the SHOP you receive additional credit and savings redeemable in your account top-up. If you have specific needs we are more than happy to discuss these with you. Please complete an online request here.

How do I forward a call

By default your number will forward to the destination that you selected when you signed up for the service. If you need to change the destination or set some rules when calls will be forwarded then: Simply log into your account. Select Call Management Select Call forwarding rules Select your account id number Select ADD new Item (+) if this is a new destination or Select the edit button next to the number if it is a modification Choose whether the destination is a Landline, Mobile or SIP and then enter the destination number The destination number should be the full e164 number which means country code, area code, destination Set… Read More

Do I have voice mail

There is a voice mail system that can forward your voice mails to your email address as a recording. Voice mail can be accessed by dialling *98 from your handset attached to our CYC-Adaptor, if you use our smartphone application you simply select the Voice Mail Button. If you don’t have a voice mail subscription you can add one in your account settings and choosing IVR.

Can I make calls using the service

The service is setup to forward virtual numbers to your phone. However you are not only able to make calls normally, you are also able to make secure, encrypted call using the CYC-SECURE for iOS and Android software. If you have a smartphone you can download the free app from the phone’s app store by clicking the link in the footer. Once the app is downloaded, select it and you will be asked for a CLOUD ID. This is CYC-ZRTP/(your account number).  The password is what was sent to you in your welcome email, along with your account number. Select NEXT and the app will connect to our servers and… Read More

How much do calls cost

Our rates are very competitive but since you get 500 free minutes in your plan it does not really matter. For those who would like  more information you can check HERE for the cost per minute for calls. We charge calls based on the destination and do charge calls forwarded to your mobile..

Do I need any other software

You do not need any other software to use our service, as it is primarily working as a call forwarding service. However if you do install smartphone software available from the links in the footer, it is easier for you to make outbound calls using our service, An added subscription is required. More information can be found HERE.

Do I need any other hardware to receive calls

You don’t need any other hardware other than the phone that you want the calls to be answered on. Other hardware is available to provide other features and functionality including the CYC-Phone-1a. It is good to have an internet connection to help manage your account.