How do I use Voice Mail

You are able to select to have voice mail on or off. To use voice mail, first record a greeting to your computer or phone Select Call Management. Then turn voice mail on or off. Select Choose File to load your greeting file Select how you would like the system to forward your voice mail (via email) Forward, Copy, Notify, Disable or None Type in the email address Click SUBMIT.

What are my CYC-SECURE settings

When you first open the CloudSoft phone software, available for iOS and Android you will be asked for some information. The CLOUD ID is CYC-ZRTP The SECRET is your password. The ACCOUNT ID is the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) account that was emailed to you in your welcome email (or is available in your dashboard). The PASSWORD is the SIP password that was emailed to you in your welcome email. (It is different to your customer password). Once you have entered the information, you will be asked to accept Terms and Conditions. After the Terms and Conditions are accepted the application will connect to our servers and send down the configuration… Read More

Are the calls secure

Generally the calls made using are not secure, however if security is a concern we DO have a solution for you. By using our CYC-SECURE for iOS and Android,, all calls that can be made securely are done so automatically. The CYC-SECURE software offers the highest commercially available encryption software. From a technical position the CYC-SECURE offers  AES-256 encryption, 80-bit HMAC-SHA1, Elliptic Curve DH P-384 classified NSA Suite B “TOP-SECRET” security level. The best way to ensure that the calls are secure is for both parties to be using the CYC-SECURE software, that the connection is made via wifi, and that you access the internet and route your traffic through a… Read More

How do I check my balance

Your balance is available from the Dashboard. If you are using our software app on your phone, your available balance should be displayed in the app in the top left corner.

What are the settings for my CYC-Phone 1A

Your device should come pre-configured so that when you login for the first time, it will connect to our servers and download your settings. Should you need to reset these for whatever reason then the main information you require is Username: (your username) Password: (the password we sent you) SIP Server:

What are the functions in My Account

Dashboard From here you can Top-up your Live Balance, make Speed Dial calls from your Phonebook, make Callback Reminder notes and monitor Active Calls, Extensions and your own live Balance. System Administrators can add additional widgets as well as move, edit or remove existing widgets on display. Call Data Records From here you can Search for and View records of your calls and transactions. You can Search Records by date and either download or display the results. You can see at a glance both a Summary of, and the recent Detail of your Voice Calls and Call Charges plus any Credits or Adjustments that have been made. Company Profile This… Read More

Manage Forwarding

Click the account ID dropdown and select the account that you wish to manage. (Normally there would be only one unless you are administering under a company plan). Select what order you want to ring. – As listed – from the numbers, – Random – any of the numbers – Simultaneously – all numbers ring at the same time. Click New Item in the bottom right corner of the screen (a new line will appear) Select Destination (mobile or landline) then type in the number that you wish to have the number forward to … use the full E161 numbering that is country code, area code, number e.g. 12345678901 Select…… Read More

Call Management

By default, all inbound calls go through 3 default states in following order: Ring, Forward and send to Voicemail. You can further manage your inbound calls by setting up additional Call Forwarding and Call Processing rules. Use Call Forwarding to setup the order, timings and destinations of your Call Forwarding. For example “Forward all un-answered calls to my Secretary after 30 seconds, and if not answered, to my Mobile” Use Call Processing to setup rules for SPECIFIC CALLS to overwrite the default 3 states. For example “Process calls specifically from my family on any Sunday between 15:00 and 18:00 in the following way: Only Forward”