What software do I need

Depending on what device you are using will determine which is the best software for your needs. For the Mac we use gpgptools.org For iOS we use opengpg. For Android we use Gnu Privacy Guard  For our routers we use DDWRT, which is the operating system for routers  

What devices can I use a VPN

You are able to set up VPNs on many devices including your phone or table (iOS, Android and Windows), your computer (Mac, Windows, Linux) as well as certain routers. If you use a router, then any device that connects to that router is connecting to the internet through the VPN. This is useful to connect to geographically locked material.

How does VPN work

There is a good description HERE that can help but in simple terms its easy to think of a tunnel that is set up between two computers, yours and the internet gateway. Anything that travels through the tunnel is encrypted and can’t be seen.