The location of your data as well as the location of the hosting company's domicile is of extreme importance now more than ever.

In the latest Omnibus Bill passed by the US Government, the CLOUD (Clarifying Lawful Overseas Use of Data) act was surreptitiously embedded ensuring its passage into law.

Ostensibly the CLOUD Act intention is to enable the US Government to obtain data housed in non US countries if it is "owned" by a US company. The specific issue that this addressed was the US law enforcement subpoenaed documents from Microsoft that were stored in an Irish Data Centre. The passage of this act makes it "easier" for the US law enforcement to circumvent the US company hiding behind data sovereignty. 


Our solution works with a number of companies located in multiple locations, Netherlands, Iceland and Switzerland as hosting providers.

Our primary work is through who provide services for hosting sites, mail and virtual servers. Domain registration can be undertaken here and the domain can be secured anonymously for a small additional fee.

There are a number of tools and processes that you can add to your hosting solution to further secure your information.

Only access your server through a TOR connection meaning that your original location and identity is anonymised.


If you run TOR hidden services on your server you are able to configure services like customer and product sales databases off the main internet and onto the "Dark Web". This means that your employees, customers and partners would need to know the specific .onion address and the requisite security clearance to access the information. By putting the services on the Dark Web, your partner site, database and services are invisible to the main internet, making it less likely to be "hacked" or compromised.


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