This video by netelip provides a high level overview of Hosted PABX and VoIP as well as some of their uses. can provide you with all of the services described.

With the smartphone app your address book is readily available to make direct calls.

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How Hosted PABX and VoIP Works

VoIP has been around for over 20 years, but its only  now that business services are available to everyone using a Hosted PABX. We explain how it works.


Use Cases - Ways to take back control

There are many ways to use Hosted PABX and VoIP. To find out ways businesses are taking back control of their communications..


Products and Services

Whether you are an individual business, corporation, or a startup, there is a product or service that will help you take back control of your communications.



Hosted PABX and its associated products and services are the first step in taking back control of your voice communications.

In today's on demand environment why should your communications be any different? Rather than have governments and corporations snooping on your calls and traffic and controlling who you call and how much to charge, provides you the tools and infrastructure to start the important journey of taking back control of your communications.


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