Voice Over Internet Protocol or VoIP is simply using the internet as the transportation medium for phone calls instead of the traditional phone lines that we see strung up across the country..

The technology is not new and has been around for decades, however it was only available to those organisations that could afford "high speed" internet and the expensive specialised equipment that was run it.

As with most technological innovations, the price, performance and accessibility of VoIP technology has become more accessible as the ubiquity of high speed internet and the services that can run over it dropped.

Even the telcos themselves are using VoIP to reduce their costs and increase the capacity of their network, and you have probably heard of "companies" like Skype, FaceTime, Google Voice and  Vonage all who provide VoIP services.


The equipment to run a VoIP service is quite simple depending on the environment that you are setting up.

Typically in a home or small office environment you could have one of the following solutions.

  1. Computer with software running (like FaceTime® or Skype®) which are both VoIP services.
  2. The software
  3. An ATA device plugged into your network router with cordless phones or fax machines attached
  4. A VoIP phone plugged into your router (CYC-X3)
  5.  A mobile phone running VoIP software like CYC-SECURE

If you have a larger business you may also have

  1. VoIP Router (to connect the VoIP phones)
  2. VoIP Phones
    1. (Cisco C7945G)
    2. (CYC-X3)
  3. VoIP call management software (to manage the calls and routing)
  4. GSM Gateway (to connect to your mobile users)


Setting up a new VoIP service today is extremely easy and intuitive and can be completed in under 10 minutes, including the allocation of your new global phone number, setting up your various user accounts (up to 3 in the business special) and activating your accounts.

The steps to setup a new VoIP service are as follows:

  1. Decide where you would like your number based (over 80 countries available) and which currency you wish to be billed in. (note you can pay in bitcoin however you must choose a base currency)
  2. Decide if you need any equipment such as a VoIP phone, or ATA. (Note you do NOT NEED these to be up and running), so you can order them and have them delivered but still be functional while you wait
  3. Register for an account
    • This is based on your preferred billing currency, currently
      • USD, from US$23.49 for 3 lines 1000 minutes and a US Phone number
      • GBP from £18.75  for 3 lines 1000 minutes and a GBP Phone number
      • AUD fro A$29.95  for 3 lines 1000 minutes and an Australian Phone number
  4. For mobile devices download the software for Android or iOS

Setting up

  1. Login to your account with the details that were sent in your welcome email
  2. To get the passwords or QR Codes for the mobile registration Select My Account -> Account Management 
    • To set up your extensions for ease of use like naming departments or user names Select  - > Extensions Management
    • Once you have your extensions set up you are able to set up Hunt Groups so that calls can be routed in Groups -> HuntGroup Configuration
  3. To set howe each of the user accounts is managed, go to My Account -> Call Management.
    • Here you can forward numbers to a VoIIP service, mobile or fixed landline or to voice mail. You can also set up the forwarding to happen based on rules. goto.-> Call Forwarding Rules
    • IF you have a need to manage when certain phones ring, such as servicing customers in different timezones, or when specific numbers are called, this is available at -> Call Processing Rules
  4. To manage your phone numbers (DIDs) including buying new numbers Select My Account -> Number Management 
    • To order a new number whether in the same country or different country -> Buy Additional Numbers
    • To change where your numbers route to (which account) goto -> Manage Numbers



As most calls and communications are now routed via the Internet, there has never been a greater threat to our privacy and security than that currently being experienced today. Governments, Corporations and bad actors use tools to routinely route and intercept your communications. In many cases this is public knowledge as exposed in the Snowden releases, and is stored for later retrieval and mining.

Now is the time to use your own tools and services to safeguard your communications and not be beholden to any large telco, government or bad actor..

Choose your numbers from over 80 countries, set them up to ring when and where you want, and be confident that calls made on our network between the CYC-SECURE software are fully the highest available commercial standard

Not only can you expect to save a substantial amount on your average communications bill, you will be providing better services to your customers.and protecting your communications.

Whether you are expanding your business, running a marketing campaign, or simply selling something online, you can benefit from a VoIP service from

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