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Whether a large or small business start receiving your benefits now from taking back control of your communications


Expanding your business with a hosted phone system makes sense in this day of the virtual office.

Hire the best talent wherever they are in the world and make them part of your team by incorporating them into your phone system.

A hosted system provides the following functionality whether you are a large corporation or a small startup

Home and SOHO

A home or SOHO business can use VoIP to stay in contact with the family easily while providing cheap communications with family and friends overseas, or allow you to appear like a much larger organisation

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Virtual Business

In todays online cloud based world, never has it been easier to setup a Virtual Business and have all of the benefits of a large physical business. Whether providing secure communications between each other while developing product, or routing inbound calls to the right person a Hosted PABX service is your first step in taking back control of your communications.

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Physical Business

A Hosted PABX service can revolutionise your business with the new control that you will have. Add a new number to support a new marketing campaign, add more accounts to manage a busy launch period, or know that your internal communications with your staff are secure and remain "internal". Take back control of your communication

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The Home/SOHO solution can get you up and running in under 10 minutes.

The solution comes with

  1. a phone number from your preferred country
  2. a VoIP account. (new accounts can be added)
  3. 250 local minutes or 500 international minutes. (Depending on the pack that you choose you)
    • Note that calls that are inbound and received using the CYC-SECURE software for iOS and Android will not incur any charges, however if calls are forwarded to a mobile or landline charges may be incurred.

You can set up a number to:

  • – use as your “Junk” number that you give to marketing and survey people. At any time you can block calls from these users and know that your personnel information remains secure.
  • – A number could be set up to test a new marketing campaign and give definite measurable reporting of the success of the campaign based on calls.
  • – If you are targeting a specific overseas country or have family and friends, you can get a number in their country and city to provide you that LOCAL connection.

Specials are available in the UK for £4.99 and the US for US$4.99, with other countries available from £8.49 and US$9.99 respectively”


Standard functionality for business accounts include:

  1. IVR automated attendant - call routing (ensuring your calls are answered and routed how and when you want)
  2. Voice mail - emailed to your inbox so you never miss a mail. You also receive an alert in the CYC-SECURE software for iOS and Android in the application, or when you pick up a phone attached to our ATA
  3. Hunt Groups - allow for extensions to be grouped, ensuring the calls are ringing in the right team area or the sequence you would like.
  4. Transfer calls - transfer from extension to extension (geographically limitless) This also includes transferring calls to mobiles using CYC-SECURE software for iOS and Android
  5. phone extensions are tied to the CloudSecure App on your mobile
  6. calls between extensions using CloudSecure are fully encrypted


Standard features offered with all accounts

  1. Access to your own Dashboard to manage your account
  2. Access to a sophisticated management dashboard for granular reporting
  3. Ability to pay in Bitcoin and maintain anonymity
  4. Control over all of your accounts and their access to funds, features and destinations
  5. Flexibility to add or delete/suspend accounts as required
  6. Access to Tier 1 call termination ensuring the highest quality calls
  7. Free access to the CYC-SECURE software for iOS and Android ensuring secure encrypted communications



We have designed a base line of products to get you up and running but we know that each business is different and has specific requirements. can tailor a solution specific to your needs, whether you are looking at setting up your own CallShop to sell calls, or you are setting up a new business or expanding overseas. Running a new marketing campaign and need to put on extra staff, no problem.

Taking back control of your comms means designing and running the system that works for you.

Additional Accounts

3 accounts not enough for you, thats no problem at all, Simply add more extensions when you sign up or add accounts from the My Account Management dashboard and add the number of accounts you need.

Initially we charge US$2.50 per account to cover the licence fees of the software encryption, however look for our specials where you can add accounts at significantly reduced costs.

Being able to add accounts and remove accounts quickly and easily is important. You may be working on a new project and have to coordinate with a number of parties, as the project progresses those people change so you are able to either remove the account or reallocate it to a new user.

There is a minimum of one month for any account that requires a new virtual phone number, however you can change the account that this number is attached to as you like.

Needing more accounts

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Interested to know more

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Unified Messenger

This is a fancy name for voice mail and some of the features like "follow Me" and call management. Control who can call you and when, limiting calls to 30 minutes before and after business hours, or specific times of the days when specials or support is being run.

How you set up your phone system is completely in your control. Thats what taking back control of your comms means.

Account Limitations

You may want to put restrictions on certain accounts and control "the spend" on the account. Whether you want to restrict the destination of the calls to specific numbers like customers and suppliers, or to specific countries, this can all be managed. You can lock outbound calls on a time basis as well as force calls to specific numbers. You may want to limit the amount that you allocate to your sales staff for budget purposes. This can all be done.

The only account limitations are the ones that YOU impose when you take back control of your comms.


Privacy is interested in helping you protect your privacy and if desired anonymity. Your calls are your business and should be treated the way you want.


We have separated our front and back end systems, not just logically but geographically (internationally). You are able to purchase vouchers from the front end system and use them in the back end, saving the need to disclose any payment contact address information.


To help secure your calls our standard software, CYC-SECURE for iOS and Android, offers one of the strongest levels of commercially available encryption. Other companies charge more than $25 per year for this level of encryption, however we offer it FREE as we believe security and privacy are your right and you should have it available if you want it at no additional charge.


You may require greater flexibility than being tied to either your mobile or computer. We have put together a range of products or recommendations on how to maximise your communications.