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Introduction to Virtual Phone Numbers

Virtual phone numbers are the cornerstone to taking back control of your communications.and provides the gateway to reaching you. A virtual phone number, or DID, is a number that we provide to you from any one of over 5000 destinations and 160 countries that rings or forwards to the location of your choice, whether this is a landline, mobile or most efficiently our Cloud-Secure App using your mobile data connection.

As the number is virtual, it is hosted by our cloud PABX. This gives you complete control over the number as well as opening  a wide range of features and functions that were once only available to large corporate customers.

Services We Provide

You can have as many location independent phone numbers as you want, ringing to your nominated destinations. These can be configured by time of day (making it useful for "follow the sun" support), or providing local numbers to your customers, suppliers, friends or family.

To find more about the functions that are available visit our Hosted PABX page. Here you will find an explanation of how VoIP works as well as a number of examples on how people and organisations use the service.

Virtual Phone Zone Costs

Benefits You Gain

Virtual phone numbers are available from  more than 80 countries. 

This table shows the Groups that the countries belong to and their associated monthly costs.

All virtual phone numbers come with 500 minutes of calls to the US per month.

When purchasing a virtual phone number as part of a special deal or pack, then extra minutes are added to your account.

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