The British Business Pack comes with a phone number from your choice of most British cities, 1000 minutes of calls to over 80 international destinations, 3 lines to share with your colleagues or setup admin, sales and support departments, automatic attendant to answer and route your calls, and voice mail that forwards to your nominated email so that you never miss a message.

A full virtual PABX gives other functionality including Call Parking, Call transfer, Call conferencing even to and from your CYC-Secure App.

You can forward calls to a mobile or landline number of your setting (call charges apply or your minutes will be debited), or to our CYC-SECURE software available on both iOS and Android, or to the CYC-Phone 1A phone adaptor.

ControlYourComms.com can have you live with your new number in under 10 minutes from receiving payment.

To offer anonymity we have separated the front end and backend systems. You are able to purchase your vouchers here with Bitcoin or credit card and then use the voucher to register in the backend system

If anonymity or payment in bitcoin is not important to you,  you can order direct from our backend fulfilment engine by clicking the ICON below

The British-Business Pack offers

1 x Virtual Phone number (from most cities in the United Kingdom)
3 x SIP accounts (like extensions at the office these can be located anywhere with a net connection or your mobile device)
1 x IVR (automated attendant to answer calls and route them to the appropriate area)
3 x voice mail (never miss a message as voice mail is sent as an audio file to your nominated email account)
1000 minutes of calls (calls to over 80 countries included)
ControlYourComms.com can have you live with your new number in under 10 minutes from receiving payment.

Provide access to your virtual team in a secure way regardless of their location


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