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The Dark Net isn’t what you think. Its actually key to our privacy

This Ted talk by Alex Winter (Bill from Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure), although made October 30, 2015 puts a different light on the Dark Net and provides a brief history of the Silk Road  and why it is important to individuals and privacy.

Online Privacy: It doesn't exist

This Ted Talk by Denelle Dixon challenges whether Online privacy exists. Her view of the involvement of 3rd parties in the discussion (commentating on content), is that the loss of control of the narrative results in a loss of privacy. She provides a number of ways to move forward based on personal responsibility.

Redacted Tonight Episode 191

This was aired Apr 13, 2018, Interesting background on how much of your private information is being mopped up by the various agencies and corporations

13 Settings to consider on your Android

There is a lot to today's smartphones. Here are 13 settings you may want to consider changing

13 Things you should change on your iPhone settings

There is a lot to today's smartphones. Here are 13 settings you may want to consider changing.

Introduction to TOR

You may have heard about the Dark Web and TOR, but what is it? This video provides you a good background on what TOR is and what it can be used for.

Encrypting Webmail - Outlook, Gmail

We are starting to understand the importance of encrypting your email and files. but what if you use webmail like gmail or outlook. Here is how to video.

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