Below is a list of our access numbers. These enable you to use any normal phone to access your account or make calls. If you are using the phone that is registered, then you will be automatically identified on the system, where your account balance will be announced and a request for you to enter the destination phone number.

Dial the full country, area code and phone number (dropping the leading 0 in the area code). The system will check your balance and will announce how many minutes you have available for the call. The call will be connected. At the end of the call if you wait until the other party has disconnected, you will be returned to the system and be asked for the next number to dial.

If you want to access your voice mail or account system simply dial *98 and you will be met with the IVR greeting which will prompt you through the menu.

There are two ways of using the access numbers, Dial Connect and Dial Back. The Dial Connect number is the number that you call direct from your local country, assuming we have an access number there. You will then connect direct to the system as above. Using Dial Connect incurs a $0.20 connection fee.

The second way is to use our Dial Back feature. These are two numbers, one located in the UK and one located in the US. When you call the Dial Back system, the system identifies your caller ID and then hangs up on you. Within a minute the system will call  you back and provide you with our standard greeting. This is particularly useful where we do not have an access point, or if you are running low on your carrier credit. Using Dial Back incurs a $0.50 connection fee.

Please note using the Dial Back feature results in TWO calls being charged, one from our system to your phone, and then the second from your phone to the destination. We recommend using Dial Back feature only when you do not have access to Wifi or have the CloudSoft application loaded.

The Dial Connect access numbers are

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