Accommodation Problem Statement:

The accommodation industry in general has specific requirements to offer different levels of services to their clients,  depending on whether a client is a frequent traveller/customer who may have calls and services bundled into their stay, or whether you wish to offer unique calling opportunities to customers back to their home country.

Calls and services need to be set up and accounted for in the systems specific to the customers needs.

Accommodation phone services

The Solution

The service is able to offer you services and options that will enable you to provide considerable value to your customers and potentially increase their satisfaction levels to encourage repeat business.

Profiles of customers can be established which offer specific services unique to any particular customer.

This can be geographically based, where the customer can receive free or discounted calls to a range of destinations relevant to them. e.g. (Asia, European, Americas and Africa) for an additional fee.

The system is also able to establish either a Credit or Debit account for the customer. The difference is whether you provide Postpaid or Prepaid services. (Does the customer need to leave a deposit for the calls prior to making them or do you charge for calls at the end of the day?).

If you provide your customers mobile phones or data service packs, you can also  provide a range of PABX-type services including call forwarding, call transfer and voice mail.

Other Benefits

As a provider of services to your customers, you will be set up in the system as either an agent or a reseller (depending on your specific business model and business volume). This will provide you with an additional revenue stream that will be calculated at the end of each month and paid in the middle of the following month.

Full accounting and call trace, ensures that you are charging and accounting to your clients their specific usage and savings.

Flexibility enables you to establish your own calling destination groups.


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