Startup Problem Statement:

Startups face a number of challenges. Gaining access to the best talent available, dealing in a global marketplace, competing for market and mind-share against established players, government regulatory oversight are just a few of the challenges you will meet and need to overcome.

Many of these problems can be addressed using smart technology solutions.

Communications Centric

Communication is key to the success of your business. How you communicate with your customers, suppliers, partners and staff is of paramount importance. Each have their unique challenges and may require a different approach.

Making it easy for communication to flow raises the chances for success in your business. 

Addressing Different Needs


Making it easy for customers to reach you at critical moments is essential

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How we communicate internally and how easy we make that is paramount

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Partner communication builds trust and confidence

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Introducing the right technology, including VoIP and hosted services,  is a sound platform on which to build your communications strategy and infrastructure.

The Solution

A business pack from provides you the basic infrastructure required to get your startup off the ground quickly and efficiently.

With three accounts included you are able to allocate these to your partners or set up different virtual departments for sales, accounts and admin.

Calls can be set up to call any or all of the accounts simultaneously or invoke rules based on time zones or your own work program.

Calls can be transferred between the accounts, which allows you to hand off calls to your remote colleagues' mobile (using our app).

Your virtual number can be allocated from one of more than 50 countries and includes minutes to route your calls.

If you are looking at expanding, you can add a new phone number in under 10 minutes in most cases.

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